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Why you must be serious about industrial security? Well, there are many reasons for that. First and foremost, your factory or warehouse is located in the remote area or in the outskirts of the city, making them away from the available security facilities you can approach in a case of an emergency. Secondly, the constant large volume of visitors and employees passing through your gates, large stocks and big infrastructure make them prone to the robbery, personal attacks, accidents vandalism and theft.

This is why operating a secure industrial plant and keeping your staff safe is challenging, especially with ever-tightening budget and increasing areas of responsibility. So, you must hire professional security guards to protect your industrial installation, resources, infrastructure and employees.


What are the Top Security Concerns for Industrial Facilities in Southern California?

Southern California is one of the largest and diversified economies in the USA. It is the hub of the industries like software, automotive, ports, finance, biomedical, logistics and aircraft manufacturing. Sadly, most of these industries face big losses worth millions of dollars every year due to the theft, both from in-house resources and at the hands of external criminals. Here are the top security concerns for the industries located in Southern California:

  • Stealing of Equipment and Machinery Parts
  • Espionage Set by Rival Companies
  • Robbery and Vandalism
  • Fire Breakouts, Gas Leakage and Other Risks Relating to Chemical Storage
  • Constant Movement of People in Restricted and Critical Areas


How Secure Guard Security Services Deals with Industrial Security Challenges?

At Secure Guard Security Services, we understand the safety concerns of your industry and deliver tailored industrial security services according to the type and needs of your factory or warehouse.

Secure Guard Security Services has been providing efficient industrial security services in Southern California since 2005. Being a leading security agency in Southern California, we are dedicated to prevent theft and accidents happened at your facilities with our strategies and trained security guards. We assure incident free security services for your warehouses, factories, production units to the water and oil production facilities.

We are your reliable industrial safety partner with the combination of well-trained security officers and efficient safety tactics.



Here are the striking reasons to choose Secure Guard Security Services industrial security services for your factory and manufacturing facility in Southern California:

  • Having an Experience of over 10 Years in Industrial Security Services
  • Well Trained and Experienced Security Guards
  • Tailored Security Plans for Each Industry
  • 24/7 Security Services
  • Real Time Incident Reporting
  • Cloud Based Software for Guard Management
  • Free Security Consultation
  • Cost and Time Effective Industrial Security Solutions


How Our Industrial Security Guards Ensure You Best Protection?

Secure Guard Security Services provides well trained and experienced industrial security guards in Southern California. From security to the management, here are the services being provided by our security guard for your factories and warehouses:

  • Handling visitor reception, sign-ins and badging
  • Checking Staff and Visitor at Entry and Exit Point
  • Escorting Visitors
  • Performing Inspections
  • 24/7 Patrol
  • Maintaining Orders in Facility
  • Supporting in Emergencies like Gas Leakage or Fire Outbreaks
  • Avoiding the Violent Situation
  • CCTV Monitoring of the Premises
  • Special Security Solutions for Oil & Gas producing facilities, water reservoirs to vital distribution facilities


Types of Industrial Security Guards We Provide in Southern California:

Our industrial security guard are trained and screened before appointing on the industrial facilities. According to your industrial security needs, our lineup of industrial security guard includes:

  • Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
  • Patrol Service
  • Executive Protection Guards
  • Plain Clothes Officers
  • Traffic Control Officer to Manage Traffic at Entry Gates or Parking Lot


Don’t leave the security of your factory or warehouse at the hands of inexperienced security guards! Choose efficient and professional security solutions for your factory and warehouse today! Just call Secure Guard at 1-888-908-7818 for a free security quote or fill this contact form to reach us.

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